Pool equipment and plumbing repair service


For scheduled maintenance, upgrades or emergency repairs, we ensure prompt, reliable service to minimize downtime.

Scheduled Maintenance

A great picture of what happens when you do not service a DE Filter. It turns green and gets damaged with excess internal pressure.

At PPH Pool Servies, we work with our customers to schedule routine maintenance and plan for future upgrades to keep your swimming pool running smoothly and minimize unexpected costs and downtime. Proper swimming pool maintenance and correct chemical balancing helps to maintain your swimming pool’s equipment and fixtures and extend the life of your swimming pool and equipment.

A good look at a freshly Serviced DE Filter.

Our pool technicians are trained to inspect pumps, motors, filter mechanism, salt systems and heaters for signs of wear or impending failure.

When something unexpected does happen, we’ve got your back.

Expert Mechanical & Plumbing Repairs

A great picture of some well maintained pool equipment plumbing.

In the event of equipment failure, PPH’s technicians and preferred partners will ensure rapid response and expert repairs.

We are fully licensed, insured and qualified to diagnose and resolve any swimming pool problem. We will work with you to find the best, most cost-effective solution to get you back enjoying your swimming pool as quickly as possible.

We know that it’s never convenient to have to replace or repair your swimming pool equipment and we understand that it can be stressful when something unexpected happens. You can trust us to ensure your swimming pool equipment and plumbing repairs are done properly, using only new, quality parts. You have our guarantee.

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